About Us

  0riental ChemicaI C0.,Ltd.Ningbo Sino—US joint venture located in scenic area about l0 kilometers east of Xikou.”GIobal Ecology 500*national civilized viIIage, socialist patriotic education base, eco-tourism area –Teng first industrial park, convenient transportation.
  The company is a professional carbide products and to PTFE, graphite, glass fiber and carbon fiber and other fluoride products as raw materials production, research and development, the company strength, advanced technology ,has been more than two decades production experience, engineering and technical personnel more than 30%. Now has advanced more than 80 sets of manufacturing and processing equipment, testing equipment, production and processing procedures are rational, after years of uninterrupted change of new technology, skilled employees to operate with considerable skill, the growing scale of production, product specification, quality assurance.
  The company is a member of National Association of Organic fluorine, China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association, the Daqing oilfield supplier, the national patent products 2 kinds of business credit as high product quality, our products are exported abroad.

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